Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anella Loves Mama!

I decided after some time that I needed to go back to work. Jamison left his job at the Beacon and now he has to do my old job... taking care of Anella. I thought he didn't appreciate me being the "stay at home mom" and he thought that I didn't appreciate him going to work everyday. I can tell that changing positions for a month has really opened both of our eyes. It's hard to do either of the jobs and we defintaly appreciate each other more. This picture was taken on one of my days off. She loves it when I have a day off, because I get up early and make her eat food, play, and take naps on a schedule. Its kind of more structured then when her dad does it, but she likes it on occasion. I love working, but I think I would rather be at home. Lol. I guess it's a mom thing. Either way she is still a mama's girl!


Tawna said...

This is exactly what Chance and I do with each kid!!! I think I like at home, too...but work does provide a nice breather!

Jamison And Darci said...

Tawna. I cant see your profile because I wasnt invited. Invite me so I can spy on you.