Thursday, March 12, 2009

The O Face

Anella has started to do this face whenever she is impressed with the situation. Its really funny because she will just look at something and then look at me with this face. AWESOME

January 18, 2009

This was Anella's actual birthday, but since we had the party earlier, we just got together with my family. Anella was born on my sister Candice's birthday so we got together and had a cupcake with one candle and a cupcake with sixteen candles on it. It was really funny.

Anella's First Birthday Party

It was a princess party. Nana & Papa bought the decorations, Pops bought the food, and G-Mama bought the snacks. It was a really good get together and she looked beautiful.

One Great Doll

She got this doll for Christmas and she decided that it needed to sleep as bad as she did on the way home. zzzzz

Christmas 2008 ... At Last

Christmas was awesome. The gifts were awesome. The family was awesome. It was really good. And it was the first christmas for us as a family.


Wow, so if you haven't heard a kid really scream, just take them to see Santa. That's what I did. Except my mom took the baby up to see Santa in person and the baby freaked out.

Pre-Christmas Warm-Ups

This is the lights camera action part of christmas. And Anella's favorite part. She could skip the presents, but not the lights, candy, and decorations.

Just The Two Of Us

Daddy's Girl Anyone?????

Just Woke Up

I'm usually not crazy about "just woke up" type pictures... but this doo was crazy and trust me ... she has it everyday now.

Yeah... It's Chocolate

She starting eating chocolate and then found out that not only is it yummy, but its also an awesome wall varnish. Lol. Messy.

Sleepin & Slobberin

I just thought these were cute. You cant beat a baby sleeping, they are just so precious.

Wearing Papa's Shirt

Papa bought her this really cute teeny-tiny Cowboy's shirt with matching grey pants. It was a really cute suit, but I dont know much about football, so Jamison didn't really like it because he doesnt like the Cowboys, but the shirt was adorable.

Brushing Her Teeth

We bought Anella a toothbrush and it started as just eating all the delicious bubble gum flavored toothpaste off but she is really doing a good job. She brushes her teeth every morning. We are going to start doing it at night, but one step at a time I guess.

Making Wishes

I started blowing all the fuzz off those weird weeds. I think they are dandelions but turn into those weird fluffy white flowers. Anella thought it was really funny. I let her crawl around in the front yard and she picked one and blew all the little fluffy stuff off. It was cute. She didnt even try to eat them.

Cowgirl Time

So, Grandma Angie bought these crazy red cowboy boots, and it just so happens that we had a cowgirl type outfit laying around the house, so I put it all together and got quite a weird photo opportunity.


Wow, So I guess I couldnt be any more awesome as far as this whole blog thing goes. lol. So anyways, here is what I have gotten since Halloween. Lol. Its a lot of stuff too. Sorry for those of you "avid onlookers".